Story Money Impact with Tracey Friesen -- May 27-31 @ Hollyhock

Bill Weaver

We need to come to our senses and sharpen our most important, elemental media: our sense of self, our ability to communicate face-to-face with others in real time, and the quality of our interactive relationship with nature. All media comes from these elementals, and all good media takes us back to these three. Anything else is a distraction which we cannot afford right now. The world needs every one of us awake, aware, front and centre. 

The narratives we remember most are the ones that unlock the stories that are already inside us; that get us sharing those stories with others; that get us away from our screens and into the high tech and high touch of the natural world; that amplify empathy; that inspire us to build bridges to those who are different from us.

En'owkin: a word from the Okanagan tribe that means, "please give me the viewpoint most opposite of mine, so I can increase my wisdom". Let's change the way we communicate at our most elemental level.

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